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Artist Statment

Artist. Photographer. Film-maker.

I’m interested in the history and stories of locations. Getting lost amongst and within the buildings, cityscapes and landscapes, I archive the forgotten spaces to tell the tales of these sites. 

As a reaction to a life spent living in and photographing the city I’m driven to explore and document the city but also in parallel, the natural environment. The process is intuitive; about being and experiencing and then showing how this felt through images and film. The sublime is a key concept within my process and output, as I aim to understand its context within alternative locations. Taking inspiration from paintings within the Romantic era, I use small details and studies of the landscape to create larger scale works that become my interpretation of a location. 

Through the act of building images, I aim to capture the forms and rhythms of nature and the city. Often as imagined or re-imagined scenes, I aim to create a heightened sense of place and the audience's interaction with it. 

In my practice I use photography, film and digital technology as a prism for seeing and experiencing the world, particularly the natural and urban landscape. I then process and build on what I’ve recorded, presenting this to an audience through immersive experiences.