How to License /

Since 2012 I have been represented by Gallery Stock, New York, a premium rights managed photo syndication and licensing agency who provide all kinds of clients with some of most provocative and aesthetically unique photographs, images, stellar collections and extensive photo library in the world today.

View my work and license directly here.

Other major commercial works and fine art photographers represented by Gallery Stock include:
Stephen Shore / Joel Meyerowitz / Mitch Epstein / Tom Nagy / Larry Fink / Massimo Vitali / Larry Sultan / Laura Letinsky / Gillian Laub

Gallery Stock Collections include :
The Kodak Library / The Museum of the City of New York / The George Eastman House


A Licensing Tale: Wake Up to Andrew Brooks Photography /

A big hit early on in my career was this image  which had Kellogg’s knocking down my                                                                                                                                     door. It soon went global into many different territories including more than 8 million                                                                                                                            viewers seeing it here on UK television during advert breaks in Coronation Street.

Since then many individuals,  organizations and companies,  large and small,  have                                                                                                                                licensed my images to give them that all-important original look.

Selected companies who have previously licensed my work:

Aardman / JWT / Kellogg's / Marketing Manchester / MIDAS / Sabbath Bikes /                                                                                                                                                 Book and Magazine Covers

For more information on licensing please contact me here.