Field Studies - Odinís Gully

By Andrew Brooks & Simon Connor 2016

This film is from a collaborative project by visual artist Andrew Brooks and sound artist Simon Connor. This investigation into new forms of landscape documentation, gives audiences the opportunity and time to reflect upon the fine details and patterns of nature.
It depicts an autumnal rural sunrise, in fine detail and warm colours, juxtaposed with the urban space where the work is shown. The movement of clouds, mist and the subtle changes in light are seen and heard in real-time.
The film is part of a larger project documenting the gradual changes in nature occurring over 12 months at Odin’s Mine, a ravine and wood, nestled in the Peak District. Brooks and Connor will visit repeatedly over the four seasons, capturing the subtle variations in light and shade, the whisper of the wind in the trees and the extreme fluctuations in weather. All these details are recreated in an immersive gallery environment, with high definition filming and multi channel sound.

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